About Us

Golden Pup™ Company was created to be the top luxury natural dog spa and grooming line to dog owners, spa and grooming salons, veterinarians, Pharmacies as well as retail stores around the world.

Our belief at Golden Pup™ Company is that "Every dog deserves to feel golden!" We hold that statement true as our all natural products are all show dog quality and great for pampering your precious pup. Being dog owners and dog lovers, our vetraceutical products are all human grade and human tested on top of our dog testing. Our belief in 100% organic all natural Paraben and EDTA free products will keep your dog from ever coming into contact with unnecessary chemicals that many companies use, which are not regulated in this industry. Your dog deserves only the best and Golden Pup™ will keep your dog looking and feeling golden for many years to come.

Golden Pup™ is a US based manufacturing vetraceutical company. Our main goal is to make innovative organic, all natural luxury spa and grooming vetraceutical products that get golden standard results. We manufacture our products at our facility in Hartselle, Alabama. We hope to make grooming your dog not only a fun experience but an easy and effective one. We refuse to release any product that is not top of the line. Our team has researched these products and have worked with our chemists to use natural ingredients that we have collected from around the world to bring you a gold standard product line.




“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealins with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”  
―  Immanuel Kant



About the Owner:

Noah Barbee - CEO/President

  Born and raised in East Tennessee, Noah, along with his loving family were the proud owners of a dog named Reese. Reese entered their lives in 1996. He was an amazing puppy, so happy and full of energy. He was the bond that brought an endless amount of joy into the family. At about 15 years of age, Reese developed skin allergies and an assortment of skin problems and also arthritis associated with his age. It was painful to see him suffer with arthritis and struggle with itchy dry skin and paws, scabs, and sores. The recommended allergy shampoo and creams only left his skin drier and more irritated. After trying multiple commercial and medical products with no results, Reese passed away in 2013. Noah decided to take on a personal responsibility to insure never to let that happen to another family's dog again!