Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector

Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector

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Our Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector is solely hand created with your precious pup in mind. Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector is recommended and used by veterinarians and customers from around the world. We wanted to make it easy and convenient to treat a plethora of skin conditions and nose irritations with one simple, yet robust formula.

This magnificent handmade combo provides both soothing and healing for your pup.  This handmade USA manufactured product gives you the all natural and organic topical treatment your pup needs to relieve dry, irritated, cracked noses, and keep those precious puppy paws healthy!

With Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector, you can quickly heal any unforeseen “ruh-roh” moments that may come your way at any time.


Snout Protection:

Did you know that your pup's nose is naturally super sensitive and susceptible to a variety of frustrating and debilitating conditions such as Discoid Lupus and overall dry, cracked snouts.

Because this is such a sensitive area, it's crucial to know you're using a product that contains only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients like the ones found in our Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector™. Our all natural and organic veterinarian approved salve helps with nourishing, healing, and moisturizing your precious pup's nose and even naturally protects them against windburn, sunburn, and other harmful exposure that they my encounter during their day. 


Paw Protection:


Our all natural and organic paw protector is also vegan and hand formulated always with a natural herbal-based blend of butters, waxes and special luxurious oils. This natural paw protector is specifically hand formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads. Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector naturally forms a breathable, dense natural barrier to protect your pup's paws from the elements in even the most extreme weather conditions they will face. With our Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector™ all natural salve your pup can finally bark with relief "goodbye" to that irritating sand, ice or snow between their paws or on their furry pads.

Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector is also perfect for treating paw pad hyperkeratosis or more commonly know as "hairy paw".

This all natural USA handmade, healing paw protector is made with only safe, organic ingredients that transform your precious pup's paws from painfully rough and scratchy to comfortably healthy and smooth. Thanks to the naturally moisturizing and natural healing properties of our Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector, your precious furry pup can wave goodbye to their dry, cracked, bleeding paws and naturally alleviate discomfort from allergies and irritations.


Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector™ Application Instructions:


+ The more often you are able to apply Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector to your pup’s precious nose or paws, the better. To start, Golden Pup recommends applying the salve at least two even three times daily on your pups affected areas. Using the natural salve on your pup before bed is always ideally recommended due to that being the peak of healing and regeneration that occurs in canines while they sleep. 


+ Before applying any protector, clean up any excess dirt or debris evident around the affected area of your precious pup. 


+ Always make sure and use three fingers or an absorbent cloth and scoop a small amount of Golden Pup Paw & Snout Protector up from the jar. Always carefully and gently glide a generous amount of our naturally protective salve directly over your pups precious snout or paw pads. Your pups snout or paws will be slick after the product application. Never forget to always allow the area to dry with your pup's favorite distraction. 


+ Distractions are always key! Use your precious pups favorite treats, apply right before mealtime, or following with a warm hearted belly rub are always positive, effective ways to allow time for our natural product to work wonders for your precious pup!


+ Reduce frequency as your precious pup's nose and paws improve using less often to maintain a natural, beautiful, healthy snout and paws. 



Try our Safe, natural, organic, vegan natural dog boot made from a non-toxic formulation today.

USA Handmade Manufactured. Product Shelf life is 2 years.